Chicken en Croute Selection


A selection of Chicken Wellington and Chicken Double Gloucester Wellington. Our Chicken Wellington consists of a chicken breast with garlic butter and mushrooms wrapped in a puff pastry and our Chicken Double Gloucester Wellington consists of a chicken breast with a creamy Double Gloucester cheese sauce wrapped in puff pastry.

Contents: 5 Chicken Wellingtons / 5 Chicken Double Gloucester Wellingtons

Cooking Instructions: From frozen, place in preheated over for 20 -30mins until golden brown. 

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Kayla Lowes


Absolutely fantastic. Tender juicy duck breast with scrumptious marinade. I prefer the Maple and Mustard (as do most of the family) though the Black Pepper and Garlic is just as good. I either throw them in a hot frying pan to sear and seal then into the oven for around 25 minutes (after defrosting them) or put them on the grill machine for 15-20 minutes - the grill does tend to flatten them a bit so I prefer to use the oven if I have the time.

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