Carvery Collection (QTY 5)


Our impressive carvery collection includes a rolled leg of lamb, two pork joints and two joints of our finest English beef. If you love meat, then our carvery collection is an ideal choice. Our carvery joints come frozen and can simply be taken out to defrost as and when you require them. These flavoursome classic cuts are ideal for Sunday dinners, served with the traditional roast dinner trimmings. Contents: 5 roasting joints: 1 x Lamb Joint, 2 x Pork joint, 2 x Beef joint

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Cheryl Ogden


Not quite a review but an observation and request. I like to buy in new things for my husband to try but if he doesn't like the product 9 of something is a lot for me to get through or to waste. Would it not be possible to have 5 of the Red Pepper and 5 of the Mushroom Wellington?

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